WEEE can Help!

As any other responsible business, we are committed to recycling. If furniture or equipment can be repaired, we will repair it. If it can’t be repaired, we have an international reach and will send it to areas of the world where they can still be of some value. We recycle electrical items according to WEEE regulations, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites.

This is a fact, however, if you speak with us, we can see if we can save you money, after all, if it’s good for you, good for our community, good for our environment and good for our team, it’s good for us!

Weee Compliance

Under WEEE Compliance

Under WEEE compliance laws your electronic waste needs to be taken to an ‘Approved Authorised Treatment Facility’.
We can provide a certificate to prove your electronic waste has been legally disposed of.



on your electronic waste management



of your electronic waste


Secure destruction

of sensitive data on hard drives


100% compliancy

with UK WEEE directive and laws


Full paper-trail

to guarantee compliancy (annual Declaration of Compliance submitted on your behalf)

We will handle all aspects of your WEEE

We will handle all aspects of your WEEE collection from destruction to issuing certificates and all compliancy paperwork.

You can hand over all waste management to us and be certain you won’t pay any penalties.